Industrial tools, standard and custom cylinders

HYDEX Sylinderteknikk Inc provides industrial tools, standard cylinders, design, production and maintenance of hydraulic cylinders, and accessories.
The main product line includes industrial, mobile, maritime, ISO/DIN-standardized and telescopic cylinders. It also include a range of stainless/ acid proof steel cylinders.

Additionally we provide stainless steel air-powered cylinders , shock absorbers, deceleration cylinders, heavy duty/high pressure cylinders, gas and air springs. 

Sylinderteknikk Inc also provides a wide range of accessories such as various rod ends, spherical bearings, pressure intensifiers, mini-power packs, manual pumps and a wide range of the most used valve types.

Next to these products we provide an extensive range of hydraulic and pneumatic tools. As a supplement to this can we also offer various high-pressure water jets.

Custom production
Sylinderteknikk Inc has its own production workshop and highly qualified technical staff. This enables us to provide our customers with custom made products, solutions and services:

  • New buildings, from prototype to serial production
  • Service/maintenance
  • Speedy deliveries in case of engine breakdown/trouble
  • Repair and rebuilding of all types/makes of cylinders
  • Delivery of spare parts, sealing materials, rods and pipes.

Maintenance, refurbishment and other services
With today's often complex system, there is no substitute for regular servicing by experts. Hence, we provide a number of services for hydraulic installations and systems - inspection, testing, surveying, maintenance and consulting.

We can for instance inspect your hydraulic installations and systems and provide maintenance advice along with a quote for regular follow up at appropriate intervals. 

In addition we provide repairs, maintenance and refurbishment in our workshop, either on a contract basis or on short notice. 

Our value proposition
High quality products, along with an extensive experience and understanding of our customer’s needs enable us to provide the right solution for your specific requirements.

Knowing what’s expected of us, our goal is to provide well documented, optimal hydraulic solutions that add value and increases efficiency, productivity, and profitability.  

Our customers are found in the following industries:

Agriculture           Energy           Fishing           Food         Forestry
Marine Mobile Offshore Production Smelting plant
Subsea Truck builders

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