Euro Press Pack COS-series high tonnage cylinders

Euro Press Pack hydrauliske høytrykkssylindere
  • Extremely solid hydraulic cylinders highly recommended for lifting, holding and lowering operations
  • Ideally suited for use in civil and marine engineering applications and also in the construction industry
  • Solidly designed, the rod end has concentric grooves to improve load grip
  • Models above 30 tonne have lifting eyes
  • All models have anti-corrosive nitride treatment making them suitable for use in harsh environments
  • A safety valve connected to the return chamber prevents any overpressure
  • The end of stroke nut has a wiper to prevent the ingress of dirt
  • They can operate with off-centred loads up to 8% of their nominal capacity
  • Option: Cylinder with integrated tilt saddle
Kontakt Hydex vedrørende Euro Press Pack COS-series high tonnage cylinders

Type      High tonnage cylinders, double acting, oil return
Kapasitet, skyv 50 ... 500 tonn
496 ... 4948 kN
Kapasitet, trekk 5 ... 154 tonn
15 ... 1512 kN
Slaglengde 23 ... 300 mm
Oljevolum, skyv 354 ... 21206 cm³
Oljevolum, trekk 103 ... 6480 cm³
Max arbeidstrykk 700 bar
Vekt 14 ... 431 kg
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Kontakt Hydex vedrørende Euro Press Pack COS-series high tonnage cylinders

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