Euro Press Pack CMT-series pulling cylinders

Euro Press Pack hydrauliske høytrykkssylindere
  • Cylinders available in steel and aluminum
  • Steel
    • Used in assembling, building and in laboratories to test the resistance of materials
    • Have a thread on the body, on the rod and in the base to mount the proper accessories
    • The internal and external nitriding treatment gives them a good resistance to wear and corrosion
  • Aluminum
    • Used in shipbuilding and in steel structural works to pull together plates, or prefabricated parts which have to be welded together
    • Manufactured completely in aluminium (apart from the rod) these cylinders have been given an anodizing treatment to protect them against corrosion
    • They have a bellow to protect the rod and from 30 tonne models carrying handles
Kontakt Hydex vedrørende Euro Press Pack CMT-series pulling cylinders

Type      Pulling cylinders, spring return, steel     Pulling cylinders, spring return, aluminum
Kapasitet 2 ... 10 tonn
22,9 ... 150 kN
10 ... 60 tonn
110 ... 559 kN
Slaglengde 127 ... 150 mm 150 mm
Oljevolum 41 ... 236 cm³ 236 ... 1199 cm³
Max arbeidstrykk 700 bar 700 bar
Vekt 2,9 ... 8 kg 4,4 ... 33,5 kg
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Kontakt Hydex vedrørende Euro Press Pack CMT-series pulling cylinders

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