Euro Press Pack CGR-series low profile cylinders

Euro Press Pack hydrauliske høytrykkssylindere
  • CGR cylinders are ideal for use in the construction and maintenance of bridges, viaducts, building sites and industrial maintenance where working space is limited
  • The protective nitriding treatment on these cylinders gives excellent resistance to corrosion making them suitable for use in aggressive environments
  • Pancake lock ring cylinders have an overflow port to limit stroke
  • The rod has a coloured area which appears 10mm before the maximum stroke has been reached
  • This version does not conform to ANSI B30.1
  • Particularly suited to applications where the load has to be left in a raised position for long periods
  • The load can be supported by the safety lock nut, this allows the pressure to be released and the pumps and hoses can be disconnected until it is necessary to lower the load
  • All cylinders are supplied with integrated tilt saddle and eyelets for ease of transport
Kontakt Hydex vedrørende Euro Press Pack CGR-series low profile cylinders

Type      Low profile cylinders with safety ring nut, load return
Kapasitet 110 ... 900 tonn
1078 ... 8796 kN
Slaglengde 50 mm
Oljevolum 770 ... 6283 cm³
Max arbeidstrykk 700 bar
Vekt 26 ... 315 kg
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Kontakt Hydex vedrørende Euro Press Pack CGR-series low profile cylinders

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