Euro Press Pack CGG-series high tonnage cylinders

Euro Press Pack hydrauliske høytrykkssylindere
  • These cylinders are ideal for use in the Construction Industry, e.g. Bridge repair and construction, foundations and underpinning etc.
  • The anti-corrosion treatment applied to these cylinders during manufacture makes them suitable for use in harsh and aggressive environments
  • Particularly suitable for applications in which the load has to be supported for long periods
  • Lock nut can be screwed down onto the cylinder body to hold the load mechanically
  • Concentric grooves machined into the end of the rod to improve load grip, models above 30 tonne have lifting eyelets for ease of transport
  • From 50 tonnes upwards, the cylinders are plunging type and have device which prevents any over-stroke
  • The rod has a coloured zone which becomes visible 10 mm before the end of the piston stroke
  • All models can operate with off-centred load up to 8% of their nominal capacity
Kontakt Hydex vedrørende Euro Press Pack CGG-series high tonnage cylinders

Type      High tonnage cylinders with safety ring nut, load return
Kapasitet 30 ... 500 tonn
309 ... 4948 kN
Slaglengde 25 ... 300 mm
Oljevolum 442 ... 21206 cm³
Max arbeidstrykk 700 bar
Vekt 11 ... 484 kg
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Kontakt Hydex vedrørende Euro Press Pack CGG-series high tonnage cylinders

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