Scanwill MP-L trykkforsterker

Scanwill trykkforsterkere
  • In-Line pressure intensifier, designed for high flow applications
  • Will provide high pressure exactly where needed (max. 800 bar)
  • All the high pressure valves integrated, including the POV (a pilot operated check valve for relieving the high pressure side)
  • Ccost effective solution for intensification needs
  • Controlling the high pressure side is done through valves on the
    supply side adding to safety
  • 5 different intensification ratios
  • The compact design allows the intensifier to be installed in most existing and new hydraulic systems
Kontakt Hydex vedrørende Scanwill MP-L trykkforsterker

Type       Trykkforsterker - In-line
Ratio 2,0 ... 7,0
Inlet flow (max) 50,0 ... 80.0 lpm
Outlet flow Q1 5,0 ... 17,8 lpm
Outlet flow Q2 2,0 ... 13,0 lpm
Inlet pressure (max) 114 ... 200 bar
Outlet pressure 400 ... 800 bar
Weight 9 Kg
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Kontakt Hydex vedrørende Scanwill MP-L trykkforsterker

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