Neron HWB høytrykksvasker

Neron Høytrykksvaskere 
  • Very small dimensions
  • Installation in any desired position
  • Easy connection of the chemical injector to suck solvent, soaps and detergents
  • Easy to install and to carry
  • Low noise and low vibrations
  • Integrated thermal valve in the manifold
  • Running in any environment conditions
  • Immersion in the water
  • Nearly no maintenance required
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Type       Høytrykksvasker 
Max oil inlet flow at P1 25 l/m
1Flow ratio factor Q2/Q1 0,5 ... 1,3
Max outlet flow at P2  12,5 ... 32,5 l/m
Max oil inlet pressure 160 ... 250 bar
Pressure ratio factor P2/P1  0,6 ... 1,75
Max outlet pressure 150 ... 280 bar
Secondary fluid Fresh water, salt water, glycol, chemical detergents
Water temperature Cold water or warm water up to 70°C
Oil temperature Max 70 °C
Construction Brass, anodised aluminium, stainless steel, special sealing parts
Piston material Ceramic
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